Sunday, August 14, 2016

Tuckerchu is his Pokemon name.

Tucker is 2 1/2. He is a connoisseur of tennis balls and only likes Penn. He gives kisses like a human and loves cuddles. I still can't get him to understand he is not a lap dog but some battles aren't worth fighting. Bath is a bad word and will get you much suck up time to avoid the actual water as long as possible but he loves swimming. People are icky and he only likes them if they are his family. He is mostly a good boy but he has his moments. Two years in and we are both still learning.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Tucker is almost 2 now. It is really hard to believe I wasn't able to keep up with this blog but if you ever met Tucker you would understand. He is an amazing dog. He is still hyper and as psychotic as ever. Hyper is a little less now. He discovered his love of sleeping around his 1st birthday. He still has a night Tucker dash around the apartment but mostly he has definitely mellowed. He is not a fan of rain or wet stuff. He hates going out in the morning when the grass is still wet and and if it rains he will hold it for hours until it stops. He will NOT get wet. But he loves water if he can swim in it. He is a strange duck.
Right now he is lying near me snoring away on his favorite spot on the couch. That means when he gets up there will black fur all over the couch but I love watching him sleep.
He hogs the bed. It really is a feat him being a midget labrador that he can take up 3/4 of a queen size bed... but he can do it.
He has claimed all the things too. I got myself a new chair and he claimed it. I got myself a new pillow and he claimed it. If it can be claimed Tucker has claimed it.

It is hard to believe this happened in less than 2 years.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tucker's Dash

So, the royal cuteness is 1 1/2 now. He is still a huge baby though. Toys are his thing and he especially loves his almost indestructible kong ball. Bath time is a huge bummer but he will get in the bathroom with his ears and his tail and look at you like this is the end of the world until it is over and he can run around shaking water everywhere. Most of the time now he is laid back though. He has what we call The Daily Tucker Dash which lasts about 5 minutes and the rest of the time he is content to lie on the couch and watch tv or sleep. He is an awesome boy.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Oh so ronery!

Mama, let me jump over this and get to you. I'm lonely with you standing on the other side! 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Tuckernados are what happen when the Tucker is left to his own devices. They aren't always bad but the face he makes after he creates them are always adorable. 

This is the latest Tuckernado.

Those clothes and that trash on the floor? Aftermath of the Tucker's madness...:P
He just finds random things and brings them into the bedroom. Then he usually slings them across the room so they will land where ever. After about 20 minutes of this he comes to me wagging his tail with a guilty look on his face. I get to spend the next half hour or so cleaning up and then we have a nice long "talk" where I spend a few minutes telling him what a buttmunch he is while scratching his belly. 

It's a thing. :) 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Let's try to do this.

Tucker is now 5 months old. I'm slack but I am going to try. Here are some highlights from the last 3 months.

The night Tucker was adopted. We had no idea what we were in for...

Pillow puppy! He still tries this at 40 lbs. it's just not possible anymore.

This is when I should have known that this was no ordinary dog. This adventure was really starting.

Getting comfy!


I can look normal! Don't let it fool you!

The human has given me a bath and made me look like a gremlin. There will be no forgiveness! NONE!

GREMLIN! still no forgives...

Alright human! You can have my forgives.
On your lap? Please? Look at my face!
Happy! I gets my way!
Uhh cheese?

Outside! Poop!

These lessons aren't working. I must be doing something wrong...


Smiles! Yeah you get it!

Yay porch!

Shoe noms! Give me that shoe!

Handsome? I know!

Sock thief.

But a happy sock thief.

Now that I have done this maybe I can get back on track with this thing. This dog finds a way to amaze and surprise me every day. I am loving this adventure.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

And it begins

Welcome to Prince Tucker's blog! This is going to be all about the life and times of my adorable rescued lab puppy as he learns and grows into an adorable overgrown lab puppy!

The beginning-
Valentine's Day 2014 was not the day we planned to take a trip to Pets Inc but after casually mentioning it would be an awesome thing to finally adopt another dog after losing my most beloved mastiff Titan in December 2012 my husband decided that was exactly what we were going to do.
I walked in that door with something very specific in my mind. I wanted an adult dog who was housebroken and I was not going to budge at all on it. There had just been a pretty bad winter storm (bad for South Carolina anyway) and every time we would ask to look at a dog they wouldn't be there because they were with a foster family due to the weather. We asked about 4 or 5 dogs and it never worked out. The whole time though I was walking by this pen inside with 3 black lab puppies in it. I didn't even give them a second look any of the times I looked because I did not want a puppy. My husband and daughter kept suggesting to look at this one puppy in the pen. Finally after about half an hour of persuasion (nagging!) I finally gave in and agreed to look. The very first thing I saw was this lazy puppy sleeping on of his sisters and his other sister walking all over him. We picked up both the girls first but they weren't really interested in anything but each other. So, my husband picked up the boy and this little sleepy boy kissed him and then reached for me (seriously) and decided he was never going to let go...and I tried to get him to let go. He slept on my shoulder the whole time we were filling out the adoption paperwork and whenever I would try to move him he hang on with his claws to make sure he wasn't going anywhere. At the end of that day it didn't matter what I wanted, the little lab puppy chose me.

So we brought him home and the adventure is just beginning! We spent the whole first night trying to think of a name for him and absolutely nothing worked. I will never know where Tucker came from but he responded to it the first time I said it and after hours of trying to look up names the one that came off the top of my head is the one that stuck. People will not believe me but this little poop monster of mine is a brilliant dog. He learned sit the first night he was home and if you say "hey Tucker" to him he will wave. It is an excellent for someone who can't seem to find his wee wee pad unless he is sleeping on it. I am also convinced that he is half cat as he meows. It has only been a week and this little lab puppy already has me wrapped and he knows it.

Since everyday is an adventure I think I am going to my best to write everyday about one of them. For now I will close with a picture of Prince Tucker, The Royal Cuteness of His House!